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I teach women how to get flawless skin so they can feel confident and beautiful without spending thousands of dollars on treatments and products that don’t work.

November 2017

Creamy Chocolate Avocado Pudding This is the most decadent healthy recipe out there. Rich cacao powder paired with creamy avocado and cashew butter make for a super tasty treat. To be honest, I even have this for breakfast sometimes. It's that healthy and that good. When I made up a batch this week, Jackson anxiously waited beside me. He pulled at my pant legs until I finally bent down to give him a spoonful. Obviously, he loved it. However, he did not love when it was all done. Healthy Chocolate The question I often get when talking about raw cacao is: "Are cacao and cocoa powder are the same?" No, they are not. Raw cacao powder is made with unroasted cocoa beans that have been cold-pressed. This process keeps the living enzymes and many of its beneficial nutrients intact. Cocoa powder, on the other hand, has

Almond Crusted Paleo Chicken Balls The other night, my husband, Frank, and I were chatting about what our favourite foods were growing up. He started going on and on about chicken balls. So, I decided to create a super tasty and healthy version, Almond Crusted Paleo Chicken Balls. They turned out insanely good. I’m surprised he didn’t eat all 16 of them. These Almond Crusted Paleo Chicken Balls would be super crazy good as an appetizer with my Rosemary Garlic Aioli as a dip. You could also pair them with my Crispy Baked Sweet Potato Fries for a quick, healthy dinner. Grain-Free Flour Have you ever used almond flour before? It's pretty darn tasty. Not only does it add a boost of protein, but also a boost of some super good fats. Since it's just ground almonds, it's naturally gluten and grain free. So for

3 Ways to Get Rid of a Cold or Flu Fast Let's face it, being sick just plain sucks. I used to get sick all the time and be out of commission for 7-10 days. Every year I found myself on a perpetual course of antibiotics that ended up wreaking havoc on my body - especially my gut. Keep in mind, there is a time and place for antibiotics. They can be potentially life-saving in regards to a serious bacterial infection. But, they aren’t needed for every sniffle that comes your way. Now that I’ve changed my diet and boosted my immune system, I rarely get sick. The few days I do catch a cold or flu, I’m back on my feet within a day or two after following this protocol. #1 Keep Food Simple The ol’ saying “eat to keep your strength”