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I teach women how to get flawless skin so they can feel confident and beautiful without spending thousands of dollars on treatments and products that don’t work.

December 2017

Hot Holiday Punch A party isn’t a party without punch. And my mom happens to make the best punch. So I, of course, borrow her recipe for all of our holiday occasions. And since we always visit with friends on New Year's Eve, I usually bring a pot of this to simmer on the stovetop. Not to mention it smells insanely good. The combination of baked oranges, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg fill the house with the most warming aroma ever. Switch It Up I’ve adapted my mom’s original recipe using 3 cups of each juice to using slightly less pineapple and orange in favour of filtered water. I prefer to use a little more water to cut down on the excess of juice calories and amount of natural sugars. By adding the honey or stevia, you’re still able to have a beautifully sweet punch. When I'm

Simple Crepe Recipe Out of all the recipes I’ve ever made for my family, this crepe recipe is the one they love most. I’ve been making this same crepe recipe since I was 12 years old. Whether it was our big Christmas brunch, a cottage breakfast, or birthday request - these crepes were getting made by the dozen. I usually serve this with a big assortment of fillings like scrambled eggs, avocado, local organic bacon, maple syrup, nut butter, or homemade jam. Easy Peasy I love that you can make this crepe recipe ahead and freeze them! Just make sure you put a layer of parchment paper between each crepe. This makes for a super easy Christmas morning breakfast with zero fuss! But hey, this recipe is definitely one to keep on hand all year. You’ll totally love it! Shoutout to my little brother,

Holi-YAY My favourite part of the holidays? Christmas brunch. The ol’ turkey dinner gets so much of the spotlight, but brunch is totally where it’s at. I’ve been making the Christmas morning spread for as long as I can remember. Savoury crepes, eggs benedict, and sweet potato pancakes with fresh jam are the staples on our holiday brunch menu. And in honour of my family’s most loved recipes, I’ll be sharing one each week leading up to the holidays. Warm Gingerbread Smoothie Starting it off is my Warm Gingerbread Smoothie! This recipe is the perfect smoothie to whip up before you head out the door for last minute holiday shopping. I usually make this first thing Christmas morning to keep me fueled through present opening and brunch prep. Boosters By adding in the optional boosters, you’ll be giving yourself a meal in a glass! Hemp hearts