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I teach women how to get flawless skin so they can feel confident and beautiful without spending thousands of dollars on treatments and products that don’t work.

February 2018

Chia Seed Pudding with Honey Pecans Have you ever had chia seeds before? I love adding them to smoothies, salads, and baked goods. But I especially LOVE making them into a super tasty Chia Seed Pudding. When chia seeds come in to contact with a liquid, they turn gelatinous. This makes for a perfectly healthy little pudding. The little black seeds are chock full of nutrients, too. Let’s quickly go through a few of them: High in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals (vitamins A, B and E + magnesium, iron, and calcium) Rich source of omega-3 fatty acids Excellent source of protein Great source of fibre My Chia Seed Pudding recipe serves four people with two tablespoons in each serving. The best part? Just two tablespoons of chia seeds provide 4.7 grams of protein and 10.6 grams of fibre. The Big Calcium Debate Contrary to

6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Colds & Flus With colds and flus running rampant this season, I wanted to share with you my top tips for naturally recovering from a cold or flu. Remember these are natural options you can safely do at home, but always check in with your Naturopathic Doctor or Family Doctor when you’re sick. If your symptoms worsen or you have a high fever, go to the ER. The typical medical treatment is to just wait the sickness out. The symptoms, however, are not so fun. Whenever someone in our house gets sick, these are the steps we take to quickly recover. Because let's be serious, feeling crappy is the worst. #1 Rest This is your excuse to relax. Watch a movie, catch up on your favourite show, read, or just sleep. Your body needs to be using all

Sexy Red Velvet Smoothie In my books, anything Red Velvet is an auto-win. It’s pretty much that best flavour combo out there - so making it into a smoothie was a total no-brainer. Being Valentine's Day and all - I added in some bedroom boosting superfoods for kicks. ;-) Beets + Raw Cacao + Lemon Juice Traditionally, red velvet cake relied on unprocessed cocoa to react with the buttermilk and vinegar to form its reddish brown hue. These days, most red velvet baked goods use a cheaper alternative. Artificial red food dye. Since red food dye has been linked to increased levels of hyperactivity and ADHD in children, it's big no-go in our house. Instead, I chose to use beets, raw cacao, and lemon juice to give that classic red velvet taste. When combined with the raw cacao*, the rich red of the beets provide

Maple Balsamic Tempeh Bites Tempeh is one of my favourite plant-based proteins. I love that one serving boasts 16 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre! If you’re not familiar with tempeh, it’s made through a fermentation process that binds the soybeans into a cake form. The combination of the balsamic and maple make for a tangy sweet flavour that is to die for. Tamari is a wheat-free soy sauce that gives the perfect punch of saltiness. I'm telling you