The #1 Thing You Need to Do for Your Health

The #1 Thing You Need to Do for Your Health

I used to suffer from severe migraines. They were so bad I had to take a prescription that made my body feel numb and zombie-like. I’d lay in a dark room with tears running down my face because I was my head hurt so horrifically. I’d often throw up from the pain. I also had terrible hormonal acne so I took the birth control pill religiously to keep it at bay. My stomach was constantly heavy, bloated, and achy. I felt like this was the norm. I’m so happy I know better now.

But let’s rewind a touch.

The Old Me

Circa 2008: Vodka Rockstar Light + Champagne

I used to live a pretty horrendously unhealthy lifestyle. I drank, partied (a lot), only ate fast food, hated vegetables, and never drank water. I also used the popular cleaning products and only used high-end makeup brands. I was my own worst nightmare.

Let’s also mention that my poor liver was so overburdened with the chemicals and toxins I ate, drank, and slathered on every day. I had hormonal imbalances, acne, an insane amount of food intolerances, seasonal allergies, constant migraines, a terrible immune system, and horrible stomach pain. Just so you know, this is NOT normal for human beings to have. Your body is meant to feel healthy and good.

When I was 20 my mom bought me the book, There’s Lead in Your Lipstick by Gillian Deacon. After reading the book in shock, I immediately started to remove all the gross chemicals from my personal care products. I quickly realized that it wasn’t just my lotions and potions that I had to be worried about….it was the toxins in the cleaning products I used in my house and the food I ate. This was SO eye-opening to me.

What kinda world are we living in, where eating, slathering and spritzing chemicals is the norm?! No wonder childhood cancers, skin disorders, allergies, behavioural issues, and hormonal imbalances are continuously on the rise. I realized, in order for me to rid myself of as many chemicals as possible, I had to make some serious changes. It meant revamping every area of my life. Because the migraines, acne, and digestive issues I was having shouldn’t be happening to a 21-year-old.

Making the Switch

The slow transition to a healthier life aka eating homemade quinoa salad at an electronic dance music festival out of my Prius.

Let me tell you…doing a complete 180 on my lifestyle wasn’t easy. I’d buy a cleaning product only to find out it wasn’t as “all natural” as the label said. That new paraben-free foundation? Ya, still contains a bunch of other crap. I spent so much money just playing trial and error. I’d try to buy only organic but then didn’t realize that some of them had chemical linings in their packaging.

I was also still going out to raves and music festivals, partying hard, and then binging on junk food. I felt like I was living a double life. Healthy during the day then SUPER unhealthy at night.

Not to mention I felt pretty crazy. All of my friends and family members thought I was nuts reading the back of everything, asking questions at restaurants, and not using disinfectant wipes on my counters. Not to mention, getting rid of a bunch of stuff.

But I knew in my heart I HAD to do this. I needed to figure out a system for myself.  I had to do this not just for my health, but my future family’s health. I didn’t want my kids to face the same long list of issues I was up against.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Now on the other side, my migraines, acne, and hormonal imbalances are in the rearview mirror (thank god). And the stomach pain? Also gone. But I’m still working to heal my gut because the damage I had done with my previous unhealthy lifestyle was pretty significant.

Remember, you can eat the cleanest diet possible, but if you’re not reducing your toxic load it’s not going to make a whole lotta difference. By getting rid of the ridiculous amount of chemicals in my daily life, I’d actually given my body a fighting chance. Even more importantly, I’ve drastically reduced the risk of my son developing any of the “normal” childhood diseases or disorders. I want to feel like super mom – like I’ve done the absolute best job at helping my kids really thrive and live a truly healthy life.

The Key to Your Health

Removing as many chemicals from your home and life as possible is one of the most important things you can do. That’s why I created a system to get me the hell outta that chemical prison I was living in. And I want that for you and your family. That’s why I created my 3-step system, The Whole Home Detox.

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