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I teach women how to get flawless skin so they can feel confident and beautiful without spending thousands of dollars on treatments and products that don’t work.

August 2018

Healthy Rice Crispy Squares Growing up, we helped my mom in the kitchen a lot. We’d make banana bread, cookies, and, of course, rice crispy squares. They’re an iconic childhood treat. Unfortunately, the classic recipe of Rice Krispies cereal and marshmallows is quite unhealthy, especially for children. While the cereal itself is not a healthy choice (hello sugar and GMO corn), the marshmallows are full of harmful ingredients.   Why Marshmallows are Harmful to Your Health Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, dextrose, modified corn starch, water, gelatin, tetrasodium pyrophosphate (whipping aid), artificial flavours, and artificial colours (blue 1). The first three ingredients in marshmallows are sugars. One regular marshmallow has 4 grams of sugar, which is equal to about 1 teaspoon of sugar. Four marshmallows, which is considered a serving, equals out to 16 grams of sugar or 4 teaspoons of sugar. We know sugar in

7 Ways You Need to Use Essential Oils for School You’ve got your backpack ready, pencils sharpened, and lunch packed. Just don’t forget the essential oils. They are such a powerful tool for back to school. Whether your kids are running out the door to catch the bus, you homeschool them, or you’re headed back to class yourself this handy little guide will be a lifesaver. 1. Wake Up Happy I love diffusing essential oils first thing in the morning while everyone gets ready for the day. Breathing in certain aromatic compounds can have a huge effect on your mind and mood. These are our 3 favourite blends to diffuse for a happy start to the day: Peppermint + Wild Orange: a.k.a. “The Get Stuff Done Blend.” The energizing properties of these two oils are great to help your kids wake up, stay

Understanding what the labels on your food mean is an important part of eating a healthy diet. Remember, you are what your food eats. If the animals are fed antibiotics, hormones, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and pesticide-laden crops then you’re eating it too.So let’s break down all the food labels you’ll come across during your trip to the grocery store.