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I teach women how to get flawless skin so they can feel confident and beautiful without spending thousands of dollars on treatments and products that don’t work.

Soups & Salads

Easy Butternut Squash Soup Butternut squash has to be one of the tastiest ingredients for a soup. It adds a rich and creamy flavour, while boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation. I absolutely LOVE adding some real deal coconut milk to the recipe, too. It ups the creaminess factor without having to use any dairy. Immune Boosting The winter squash is an awesome source of beta-carotene aka vitamin A. It can help fight both big diseases like cancer and small illnesses like the common cold. Keeping up with the immune boosting nutrients, butternut squash also contains high amounts of vitamin C. Not only does vitamin C help combat nasty germs, it’s also helpful for physical performance. Using bone broth as a base to this soup also ups the anti when it comes to boosting that immune system. Homemade bone broth is rich in

Dairy Free Tomato Soup There’s nothing like a hot bowl of creamy tomato soup on a cold day. My Creamy Dairy-Free Tomato Soup is a staple in our house. We usually enjoy it weekly! Plus, the combination of ingredients are super immune boosting. All of my soups have a bone broth base. It’s incredibly nourishing to the body and supportive of the immune system. For more on bone broth (and the recipe!), read my recent blog post Homemade Bone Broth. Immune Boost Here’s a quick run down of the other immune boosting ingredients: Tomatoes - Great source of antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Onions - Contains trace mineral selenium, which reduces inflammation and stimulates immune function. Rosemary Essential Oil - Antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant. Thyme Essential Oil - Highly antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. Dairy-Free Now how do I make my dairy-free tomato soup super

Homemade Bone Broth Recipe With kids back to school and life falling into somewhat of a routine, it’s the perfect time to start incorporating homemade bone broth. We make a BIG batch of this bone broth recipe every week. We use it for soup bases, cooking grains, sipping on, and even the dog gets a little bowl every day. Getting back to cooking with real, all-natural, and whole ingredients is the best way to keep our bodies healthy. The nutrients in this bone broth recipe do wonders for your health and body as a whole. Homemade bone broth contains over 19 easily absorbable amino acids (the building blocks of protein). It's also an incredible source of the skin and joint loving collagen/gelatin. Broth’s powerful healing properties can help prevent and control arthritis, bone loss, digestive disorders, and skin problems. The collagen, cartilage,

Strawberry Avocado Salad I first tried a version of this Strawberry Avocado Salad at my cousin's house when his wife whipped it up for dinner one evening. Ever since then I've been hooked! It is one of the TASTIEST salads ever. The combination of juicy strawberries with creamy avocado is absolute heaven. Perfect for a fresh summer time salad. Awesome for lunch or dinner - and great to bring to a summer bbq! This Strawberry Avocado Salad would pair great with The Best Veggie Burger Ever. Buying Organic Strawberries are the most important fruit to buy organically, as conventional crops are heavily sprayed with pesticides. The EWG's 2017 Shoppers Guide to Pesticides in Produce rate strawberries as the #1 offender when it comes to chemical contamination. The majority of strawberries are grown in California where they carefully track pesticide use. According to the Environmental Working