• Well I never had acne growing up but then I got on the IUD at 24 yrs old after my first kid and it gave me terrible cystic pimples. I tried millions of products from proactive to Vichy Norma derm. I used prescriptions like tactupump and spent thousands on facials. It only made my skin worse. Then I removed the IUD after 3 years and it took 6 months before some changes where the breakouts weren’t as cystic but still never fully cleared because of my abusive diet to my body. After consulting with Katie she advised that it could be a combination of both hormones and diet. So I followed the protocol she outlined for me and I switched to a simple cleanser. I was basically causing chemical burns from the cocktail mix of acne products I was previously using. After a few months, my skin improved significantly. Now my skin is completely blemish-free, I don’t even have to wear makeup. I don’t even break out around my cycle. I really owe it to Katie for her knowledge, and guidance during this clear skin journey. Thank you, Katie!!

    Jenyne W. CANADA
  • There was a time in my life when I would constantly break out on my cheekbones, forehead and chin. I would apply layers on layers of makeup just to go to the grocery store. I knew wearing makeup would make my face breakouts worse but I feared seeing people in public with a rashy spotty face. You could say my confidence level was at an all-time low.⁣ ⁣ Through working with Katie, I learned that there were underlying issues in my body that was causing my breakouts. Katie helped me realize that one of my big underlying issues was that I had leaky gut. She also explained to me that I needed to regulate my hormones. I started on her clear skin protocol and swapped harsh chemicals out of my toiletry bag, too. I noticed that the changes I was making with Katie’s help, got rid of my monster of an attitude that came along with my period. ⁣ ⁣ I could talk about Katie as mu skin guru all day long. She didn't just help me get clear skin, she also helped me gain my confidence back. She helped me uncover underlying issues and has taught me so much about skin health. Now I don’t have a care in the world when putting on makeup or going without! I even went to a party without any makeup! Katie thank you so much for helping me get my skin clear and my confidence back!

    Paige F. CANADA
  • I started taking the pill when I was 13 for my acne. I took it for over 15 years and was terrified to stop taking it because I knew my skin would go crazy. But I had to stop taking it for health reasons. And sure enough my acne was even worse than before. I tried so many things to make it stop like topical and oral antibiotics, prescriptions from my doctor, expensive facials and every acne skin regime. I just thought I would have acne forever at this point. But then I found Katie and she changed my life. After taking her acne program my skin started to actually clear up!! I honestly couldn't believe it. I was worried my acne would come back but it never did. I would have never figured out how to heal my skin without her. Thank you SO much Katie!!!

    Raleigh S. ENGLAND
  • I had acne for over a decade. I tried everything to get rid of it. I saw so many different doctors and aestheticians about my skin. Nothing worked for me. And after I had kids, my skin got even worse. I could barely look at myself in the mirror and stopped going out places because I was so embarrassed. I came across Katie on Facebook and figured I had nothing to lose at this point. We talked and decided her program would really help me. Omg did it ever!!! Within two months of following her recommendations my skin was clearing up like nothing I had ever seen. Now that I've spent 6 full months doing all the things to heal my body I can't believe how my skin looks. Thank God I found her!!!!

    Karina E. AUSTRALIA
  • I went through three rounds of Accutane for my skin. It helped but my skin always went right back to cystic acne within a couple years. I had zero confidence and pulled away from all social situations because I just felt like everyone was starting at my skin and judging me. I hated it. I was so depressed all the time. Katie said we had to heal my inside so my breakouts would go away. So I did what she said and it actually worked. After making some changes, my skin started to clear up quickly. I am so thankful to Katie and her knowledge. I have my life back.