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The Acne Nutritionist

I help women dealing with chronic and stubborn acne clear up their skin from the inside out so they can have their confidence back and feel beautiful in their own skin again.


Hi, I'm Katie!

I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in helping women with acne clear their skin from the inside out.
I’ve always been obsessed with skincare and food. As a little girl you’d find me reading the latest women’s magazines searching for beauty tips and makeup how-tos (this was before the internet and YouTube).
I grew up from a clear-faced teenager into an acne-ridden woman. My magazine cheat-sheets couldn’t help me now. My skin turned against me and I tried every product and prescription under the sun to try and clear my skin. Nothing worked.
Then I began wondering if what I was putting in my body would make a difference. I spent years trial and erroring to finally get to the bottom of what was causing my acne. And guess what? I figured it all out and stopped my embarrassing and painful breakouts — for good.

More About Me

What My Clear Skin Clients Have Said

  • I got on the IUD at 24 yrs old after my first kid and it gave me terrible cystic pimples. I tried millions of products from proactive to Vichy Norma derm. After working with Katie, my skin is completely blemish-free, I don’t even have to wear makeup. I don’t even break out around my cycle. I really owe it to Katie for her knowledge, and guidance during this clear skin journey. Thank you, Katie!!

    Jenyne W. Former Acne Sufferer
  • There was a time in my life when I would constantly break out on my cheekbones, forehead and chin. Katie didn't just help me get clear skin, she also helped me gain my confidence back. She helped me uncover the real issues that were going on with my skin. Now I don’t have a care in the world when putting on makeup or going without! Katie thank you so much for helping me get my skin clear and my confidence back!

    Paige F. Former Acne Sufferer


  • Clean beauty and safer skin care that are free from hormone-disrupting ingredients is critical on any acne journey.

  • High-quality, practitioner grade supplements are a key element to supporting the deep-rooted issues causing acne.

  • Therapeutic grade essential oils are powerful tools that can be incorporated to support your skin and health goals.


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